Monday, 17 November 2014

The Ultimate Classroom Management & Behaviour Management Package

The Ultimate Management Package

Classroom Management Package
Here's another fun filled package from
Little Monster's Classroom.  This is the ultimate resource for Kindergarten to Grade 2 classrooms with 160 pages of extremely useful posters, worksheets, printables, sticker charts, and more.  It's full of great resources for the whole class and individual student use.  We love it!

We're really excited that the 67 page Emotions Package is included in this kit.  It's an entire month's worth of fun activities to teach students to self regulate and it's also a great resource for anti-bullying initiatives.  Each lesson is about 30-45 minutes of activities, worksheets, drama exercises, fun journaling worksheets that incorporate a fun art activity, and more.

I am a super frugal person, so this set definitely makes my day.  It incorporates a ton of resources and saves me money.  I can use these items all year round, which makes them a great investment.

This set includes everything you need for a successful classroom:
Certificate for the Classroom 
- Day Plan / Visual Schedule / First - Then Chart
- Awards & Certificates
(awards for positive reinforcement, certificates of success, Kindergarten graduation diplomas)
- Groups & Stations
- Learning Goals & Success Criteria Posters
- Name Cards & Sign In Cards
- Special Helper Chart, Cards, & Calendar
- Sticker Charts
(daily & weekly charts)
- Voice Level Poster
- Washroom / Drink Sign Out

Follow the links to discover all the details for each section of this package.  I hope you and your students enjoy it!