Sunday, 26 October 2014

Emotions Chart - Self Regulation

Emotions Chart

Emotions Chart - Self Regulation Tool
Little Monster's Classroom offers some fun and cute activities for kids.  This set includes a months worth of activities to help students recognize their emotions, triggers, and positive solutions.

This great scale allows students to monitor how they are feeling.  They simply move a paperclip along the scale to indicate their feelings to themselves, a teacher, or others in the classroom.  The cute little monsters just make us laugh.  It definitely puts a fun spin on self regulation.

The set comes with tons of fun activities to help kids learn about their emotions.  From mazes to crossword puzzles to word searches and super cute make your own monster activities, kids will definitely be engaged.

Feelings Journal
We love the journals.  How fun is it to make a little monster to show how you are feeling before doing the written portion?  And it comes with all the little monster parts.  You can choose your eyes, mouths, bodies, and even fun little accessories.  I have to say, even I'm tempted to do this activity.

This work set is so much fun that you could easily do it with your entire class to encourage empathy.  It's great for Safe and Inclusive Schools and encouraging anti-bullying behaviour.

There's even an entire set of matching Little Monster classroom management tools and activities.  Graphic organizers and all sorts of classroom resources.  Try it for yourself.


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